HOTCROWN hosts Ella Levy

Meet Ella Levy - Fashion designer, mother of two, wife and style icon based in Tel Aviv.

I chose to photograph Ella for the Letter Collection because in my eyes she’s able to express a personal element through the lens.

Ella portrays the ultimate femininity in my eyes. Her warm beauty and soft smile conveys so many emotions also reflect who she is in person.

Ella's personality shines through her Instagram page with the inherent freedom in her stories and the identity of the brand she represents

Her clean and sophisticated designs convey the feeling that the person who designs them also wears them and that is something I can relate to.

I chose Aya Bouzaglo to shoot the campaign. Aya is a perfectionist and as one who is light years away from that I have always been attracted to such types.

It fascinates me to see the thoroughness and details with which she handles things and her discomfort with anything incomplete.

Ella and Aya, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this special day.
Thank you for the emotions that were planted in every frame.
They come out of the pictures and for that, I am forever grateful.

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