10 Coffee Table Books to Wish-List

10 recommended coffee table books on art, design, photography and of course - fashion. Pin to your wish list!
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Call me crazy but I like picking my coffee table books based on looks AND smarts. Yeah, I know it’s usually just one or the other but when a book is going to be in my living room for the foreseeable future, I’d like to be able to pick it up on a winter night and enjoy reading it or flipping through the beautiful photos. It also has to be pretty because that’s the entire point of a coffee table book, am I right?

And since our studio is also where we frequently shoot photos for social media (hello, Instagram) and the shop (let’s be real here), it’s a bonus if it can act as props. See? I’m not picking a book by its cover - well, not ONLY for its cover.

Lori ring on a stack of books


Since I’m sure I’m not the only one, I decided to post some of my favorites - and also a few that are going right to my wish list <insert hint>. Feel free to re-pin them to your wish list too and have them sent mysteriously to your loved ones...


recommended coffee table books


The Selby - Because until The Coveteur or Into The Gloss publish a book (or both!), Todd Selby is my best choice to peek into creative people’s lives in print.

Paris in Color- Because it’s just so pretty, and colorful and Parisian - and I’m always dreaming of just hopping on a plane to Paris (that was a hint as well).

Good Bones, Great pieces- This book, by mother-daughter decorators (and bloggers!) Lauren and Susan McGrath is really friendly to those of us starting out and constantly moving between rentals.

I Love Your Style - for someone who’s worked as a muse (“what do you do?” “I’m a muse” - imagine having that conversation) for fashion brands like Tuleh, Amanda Brooks is amazingly down to earth - I love how she’s inspired by pop culture, and it’s just a fun book to read.

#Girlboss - Okay, this isn’t a coffee table book per se, but the cover is gorgeous (right?) and I’m so inspired by Sophia Amrouso’s journey and her general #girlbossnes. It’s a great book to anyone starting a career in fashion.

On my wish list:

The Hand Written Letter Project - this is so charming, how can you not?!

William Helburn: Seventh and Madison- because midcentury fashion is amazing and I’d like to add more photography to my coffee table "library"

My Favorite Things- Because Maira Kalman is one of the most talented illustrators out there.

Humans of New York - because I’m obsessed with his amazing Facebook page

Elsa Schiaparelli: the biography- because it’s interesting. And pink.

Did I mis anything? What should I add to my wishlist? And do you have any favorite coffee table books I might like? Please share!



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That’s a great idea! Thanks for the great recommendations!

That’s a great idea! Thanks for the great recommendations!

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