La Marquise

La Marquise

Welcome to Paris,  the year is 1774, you receive an invitation to a party in Versailles. You arrive right on time and you enter the most beautiful
room you've ever seen in your life. From afar you see her, She sits next to the Marquise and whispers in his ear. The Mistress.
He listens to her and nods with his head. One look, that's all she needs. 

La Marquise -  The powerful mistress of the French Marquise. Also the name of the dimonds' shape in this collection.

The collection -  Beautiful gold and diamond necklaces, spectacular rings and bracelets. Each design is named after a famous marquise.
Inspired by nature, bees, and flies, the collection tries to give you a taste of Paris in the spring.

Fun FactThe origins of the marquise design lay way back in the 18th Century. King Louis XV of France (1710-1774) commissioned
a jeweler to design a cut in the shape of the lips of his mistress who was the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour.

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