When you buy a piece of jewelry at HOTCROWN you can be sure we will be there
for you if any problem occurs, because we stand behind the absolute quality of
our designs.
With your purchase you will receive a lifetime warranty.
All of our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials.
Our team is working relentlessly to make sure that each piece of jewelry Is made
to perfection before we ship it to you.
The warranty does not apply in case of:
Fractures or scratched jewelry or pearls , lost diamonds or stones, and does not
cover damage as a result of abuse, misuse, loss or theft.

Diamonds and Settings:
In case of a misplaced diamond we will be glad to re-set it. If the stone is up to
1.3mm \ 0.01CT we will re-set it free of charge even if you lost it. In case of broken
stone contact us for a repair price quote.

There is no warranty for breakage of the earring and / or bracket or diamond fall.
Necklaces & Bracelets:
The warranty for broken necklaces and bracelets is valid for one year. It is cover
repairs of a torn chain unless special welding is required. After one year any
repairs will be charged an extra fee according to the work needed.
Polish your jewelry:
We would love to give your jewelry a polished and renewed look free of charge
once a year. We will clean, polish and shine your gold and diamonds and will
renew the rhodium plating.

Resizing rings:
You can resize your ring if it doesn't fit you for any reason. Resizing is possible up
to four months from the date of your purchase and up to one American size above
the size of the ring. If it has been more than four months and\or you need more
than a size larger or smaller, let us know and we'll discuss the price.
It is the customer responsibility to check the possibility of resizing jewelry before
purchasing. For more information please visit our website.

Exchange policy:
You can change an item or return it and receive store or website credit up to 14
business days from the purchase date. You must return it in its original package
and it must be unused and flawless.
Canceling a transaction is only possible in up to two business days from the
purchase date.
If the item you purchase costs more than $850, we will not be able to refund
you, by law, but you will receive store \ website credit. Special orders will not be
refunded or exchanged.

We are here for any further questions