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    Wedding Bands

    Many couples wait until the last minute to shop for wedding bands-- not the bands that play romantic songs at the reception, but the bands you wear on your ring fingers for the rest of your happily-ever-after lives. Plan ahead! Just as grooms shop for engagement rings while considering the four C's (cut/color/carat/clarity), you should shop for your band while considering the four S's (size/setting/stones/sentiment).

    Size: With a ring you’ll wear daily, you need to assess how much real estate on your finger will be occupied. If you work with your hands, you may want something thin and simple. If you prefer a wider band, or a band with stones, you may opt for bringing out your engagement ring only on special occasions.

    Setting: Do you want your band to match your spouse’s? Will you wear your band your right hand, as women do in Europe and India? Do you want it to sit flush with your engagement ring? Answer the big-picture questions to determine the right style.

    Stones: Some wedding bands have diamonds, gems, or eternity patterns. Others are simply solid metal. In fact, according to ancient tradition, the wedding band should be a smooth, unbroken circle, to symbolize a pure union and eternal continuity.

    Sentiment: Engraving the inside of your ring makes adds a personal touch, especially engraving each other’s initials and wedding date. Nicknames or phrases from your vows can add a special touch as well.