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    Meet Adi

    New Yorker Adi Heyman is a journalist, industry influencer and advocate for Israeli design. Adi established a strong fashion profile after founding her Jewish lifestyle blog  'Fabologie' in 2010. Since, Adi has launched notable projects spotlighting Jewish women of impact.  Her work in ethical, transparent fashion now couples with her continued passion for religion and community empowerment.


    A Royal Proposal

    A Royal Proposal

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged and we couldn’t be more excited! Even though this means Harry is now out of the market (bye-bye princess dreams), he truly deserves to be happy. When Prince Harry was asked about when he knew he was going to marry Meghan, his answer was: "The very first time we met." The magic and passion is real and we’re all over this couple’s engagement.

    Harry proposed in the couple's house on what the prince described as a "typical night." The two were roasting a chicken when Harry got down on one knee. She described the moment as "just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural and very romantic." The couple will get married in Spring, surrounded by the colorful and cheerful season. Can it even be more perfect?

    And now… let’s talk about that bling-bling! The beautiful engagement ring was designed by the prince himself. It’s a three-stone traditional ring. The main and center diamond is from Botswana, as it holds a meaningful significance for the couple, being their first trip together. The two diamonds beside the main stone, belonged to Princess Diana, Harry’s mother. He said having a piece of his mother involved in the occasion was very important to him.

    We absolutely love three-stone engagement rings, just like our own essential and best-sellers, the Audrey and the Emma.


    A traditional and elegant ring, with a classic and refined design.


    A glamorous twist to the traditional ring, a center diamond is accompanied by two shimmering pear-shaped white stones.

    Prince Harry’s design is a stunning arrangement and looks perfect on Markle’s finger and has a substantial meaning. However, being such a party, playful and untraditional guy, we do think he could also have gone for a more unique style, like Prince William did with Kate’s 12-carat Sapphire ring.

    Therefore, here’s our proposal for alternative and uncommon engagement rings:


    An antique style with an aquamarine as the center stone. Adorning the gem are 28 sparkling diamonds creating a halo effect around it.


    An art-deco inspired ring with a delicate hexagon-shaped setting with a round diamond surrounded by small diamonds complementing the shape. The center stone can be replaced with your desired one.


    Marie Antoinette:

    Named after one of history's most ornate and stylish woman of the past, this ring has a jaw-dropping pear shaped diamond in the center surrounded by 12 dazzling diamonds.


    A statement creation made with a pear-shaped black diamond in the center of the ring. The stunning black stone is lined with 14 fine accent white diamonds. The halo frame on the diamond creates a timeless and elegant appeal.


    A captivating rich Emerald stone in the center accompanied with two glorious diamonds on its sides inspired by French design and royalty.


    Five Jewelry Must-Haves: Celebrating Milestones in Life

    Five Jewelry Must-Haves: Celebrating Milestones in Life

    Buying and owning jewelry is one of the best perks of being a girl, so it’s our duty to tell you what sparkly essentials you need in your jewelry box. There are 2 types of jewelry pieces you definitely need: essential pieces that could be worn 24-7 like an elegant pair of earrings, and there are the sentimental pieces that are meant to celebrate meaningful stages or moment in your life. Even though sometimes fine jewelry may seem expensive, these pieces will be timeless and will complement any look- meaning they’re totally worth it!


    Additionally, any accomplishment or milestone can be made a little sweeter and more memorable when it's marked by jewelry. For these reasons, we’ve brought you 5 jewelry must-haves as well as the stages of life in which we wish we would’ve received them. Plus, you can take them as tips if you don’t know when to give them away to your loved ones.

  • 1. Diamond stud earrings




    Every girl needs some sparkle in her life and the perfect way to have it is by uplifting whichever outfit with a pair of diamond earrings. Not only that, this piece is the absolute university graduation or 18th birthday gift. To meet this age means that a girl is accomplishing a big step in her life, as well as stepping into adulthood. What’s the best part of this jewelry must-have? Diamond stud earrings work whenever, wherever and for whoever- from day to night, for work, school and special occasions.


    2. Signet rings

    Signet rings have been present in history since Ancient Greece, and they haven’t gone out of style. They represent a classic, timeless design. Usually, these types of rings are given by special members of your family at specific times in life and are also known as Heirloom rings. This means they’re passed from generation to generation, which makes them even more meaningful. This jewelry piece can be given to you after giving birth and can have engravings on it with the initials or date of your newborn.


    3. Stacking rings:

    You may start with one, as a gift from a loved one, or as a present to yourself. Stacking rings have been trending for several years, but have gained more attention in the present! The best part of these pieces is that they tend not to be very expensive. Even if the stacking trend will cool down you mustn't worry, they’d also look good separately. You can mix and match, wear them in unique ways to create an ultimate statement look. These delicate rings are a perfect gift on several stages in life as birthday presents or as a self-purchase for a personal achievement in life.


    4. The go-with-everything necklace


    This is the type of must-have that you’ll never take off. It’s the perfect jewelry to uplift your everyday look giving it a little bling and elegance. As well, it can be the absolute piece for an elegant cocktail that will differentiate you from the rest. You can dress it up or down wearing it separately or layered up with other gold chains as well. Many women receive their first diamond necklace as a marriage gift from a relative or for the birth of their firstborn. Being that it’s meant to be worn all the time it’s the perfect reminder for happy and memorable occasions.


    5. Statement piece:


    When you find your statement piece, it most likely becomes that piece that defines your style and also expresses your personality. This is a piece that you will wear frequently and even your closest friends will start to identify you because of it. This jewelry must-have will have a significant value in your life giving you the power to always succeed.

    Halloween Inspiration: Jewelry with Black Diamonds

    Halloween Inspiration: Jewelry with Black Diamonds

    Halloween is here and what better way to celebrate this dark festivity than talking about black diamonds. Black diamonds seem especially appropriate around Halloween, the most spooky day of the year, but there’s really never a time when the gem isn’t fashionable. Before the 1920’s, black diamonds were held in low regard, but as time has passed, they’ve become essential in the fine jewelry industry. Take one look at a black diamond and it’s immediately clear why it’s so popular these days. Black diamonds are sparkly, sexy, dramatic, mysterious and fancy-looking. From engagement rings to earrings, black diamonds are showstoppers.

    Black diamonds are hard to find and unlike traditional diamonds, they are composed of carbon atoms and small amounts of hydrogen. This has led to scientists theorizing that black diamonds are formed in the space, most likely by the explosion of a stellar supernova. Other researchers have even speculated that black diamonds are sure indicators of an extraterrestrial origin due to its content of nitrogen and hydrogen. Even though these theories haven’t been proved, they give an extraordinary and mythical background to these diamonds, which give them a sense of mystery and uniqueness. Moreover, studies have concluded that these diamonds were made over 2.8 million years ago, which increases its rareness.

    Several cultures have adopted black diamonds as either a lucky or unlucky symbol. For instance, the ancient Indian culture considered black diamonds cursed due to their resemblance to a spider’s or snake’s eyes (HALLOWEEN PERFECT OR WHAT?). On the other side, in Italian culture, black diamonds were thought to bring good fortune to marriages since it’s called the stone of reconciliation. Italians believed that touching the stone would transfer the couples’ problems into the diamond.

    The big question behind this rare stone has been if black diamonds are real or not, and the answer is an absolute YES. Although, they cannot be graded the same way as traditional diamonds. The reason behind this is that these diamonds are heavily included and mostly opaque. The natural color of a black diamond ranges from black to dark greys and it’s considered the rarest among all diamonds.

    Since black diamonds are such a trend now, we feel they are the perfect accessory for Halloween due to its color, mystery, and background. Not only that, you know that black is ‘the new black’, the trendiest color of all. Black diamonds look good with everything, they can be combined with all types of diamonds and gemstones, especially white diamonds. The merger between white and black diamonds creates a breathtaking contrasting effect. Moreover, black diamonds can be mixed with all metal colors, either yellow, white or rose gold and look absolutely stunning in any way. They provide a fiercely fascinating contrast in all variety of jewelry, so standing out from the crowd becomes effortless when you’re wearing one of these opaque beauties. Even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City got a black diamond engagement ring from Mr. Big. If this doesn’t explain how fashionable this stone is, we don’t know what else would!

    Check out the different ways in which this precious stone can be used and be spooky, but with glamour!