Fiesta of earrings

Fiesta of earrings

ear party

When we think of buying earrings we all automatically think about pairs. We have two ears therefore we'll buy a pair of earrings. But if we can mix and match clothing pieces, why not earrings?

different bar earrings

I can definetly be cought wearing a Zara dress, designer shoes and a vintage coat handed down to me by my grandmother. So what about wearing a different earring in each ear? Or, if you have multiple piercings, why not mix the length, the color and the style?

(We do recommend to only wear real gold earrings to reduce the risk of getting infections)

earring fiesta hotcrown

mix and match tatiana

mix and match earrings

So, are you on board this earring party of ours? if your are, grab your cocktail and hop on. There are no rules, everything goes. Long and short, stud and dangling, with or without stones, different colors of diamonds- literally everything. 

mixing earrings

different lengths of earrings

black and white mix and match

And even more than that, earrings that have unique shapes, other than a circle, can be turned around in any angle you choose and give your ear a totally different look. 

for example Frida:

frida earring

frida on the side

and Tatiana

tatiana black and white

white diamonds tatiana

if you have multiple piercings in your ear the options are endless for fun and colorful earring combinations. Here are a few ideas for an earring cocktail:

earring cocktail 1

Nina, Marie & Agatha

earring cocktail 2

Du barry, Valerie & MArtina

fiesta of earrings

So if you have an idea for an ear party of your own, take a look at all our earring options, reach out to us and we would be glad to help you make it reality. contact us and LET'S PARTY

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