We believe some of you have different ideas than ours, some slight changes or different dreams.

We have the tools, the experience, and the passion to make it come true, for you!

Don't hesitate to dream, because we will turn your vision into reality.
Whether it's a completely new idea or a change in our design - we can do it.
Introducing HOTCROWN Special Ops:
Besdpoke Designs- Making your dream jewel come to life. From a sketch on a napkin to a real-life, wearable, beautiful piece.
Redesign- Bring your old gold and diamonds to life and create new pieces
out of old unused gold (service available exclusively in Israel).
Custom your HOTCROWN- Dare to dream changes and modifications in our
own HC designs.
Choose your desired service, fill in your details and we will be in touch soon 

Choose you desired service: 

Create your personal dream design with us

Create a new piece of jewelry out of old

Create changes in one of our designs