Our Eurovision project

Our Eurovision project

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With the Eurovision coming up and hosted in Israel, We are proud and excited to present a collaboration between HOTCROWN and IGY- The Israeli LGBTQ+ Youth Organization.
Let us introduce IGY to you, in case you aren't familiar with them:
The Israeli LGBTQ+ Youth Organization (IGY) was established in 2002 and since then has become the largest LGBTQ+ organization in Israel.The organization works for social change towards a more equal and tolerant society and works directly with and for LGBTQ+ youth  in the stages of formulating their sexual and/or gender identity through regular weekly social-educational activities.
eurovision necklace
IGY has set itself the goal of working to empower LGBTQ+ youth to create a meaningful role for themselves in society and to encourage them to take part in shaping both their local communities and Israeli society as a whole. The organization’s work in education and social change includes both LGBTQ+ and heterosexual young people.
So towards this super exciting event getting close we designed a special edition of silver necklaces engraved with empowering sentences taken from last years Eurovision winner- TOY, written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger and performed by the amazing Netta Barzilai.
i'm not your toy
i'm not your toy necklace
All profits from this collection will be donated to IGY

Together we hope for social change towards a more equal and tolerant society.

The round silver pendants are engraved with various sentances taken from the song lyrics and are a kind reminder to yourself of how strong you really are!

wonder woman
"Wonder woman don't you ever forget ,YOU'RE DIVINE and he's about to regret"...
The necklaces are available in our Tel-Aviv shop on 209 Dizengoff street and of course on our website here
you're divine TOY

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