Meet anne, our new engagement ring

Meet anne, our new engagement ring

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anne ring

Sometimes when a ring is born the universe just stops spinning for one long minute. 
I feel that way about Anne. It took my breath away the second I laid may eyes on it. 
The way the light hits the diamond as if hypnotizing me and creating a depth that just draws me right into a magical dream. 

anne engagement ring

love at first site! 
with it's perfect and glorious Princess cut Diamond elegantly held by 4 claws
And it's 2 triangle diamonds on each side of it completing a precious symmetry for a perfect engagement ring.  

I can just Imagine the smile on the girls face who receives this ring as a surprise. Can you? 
Are you tearing up like I am? 
If you have a wishlist on our website, make sure to add this gem to it, just in case. Maybe someone special will surprise you with it sometime soon. 
Dreams do come true, right?? 

 Lately we've also been coming across more and more couples who decide to choose their engagement ring together. We call them- the new age couples. In an era of so much information at the palm of our hand, it's just natural to know exactly what ring you would like when the day comes. So either send him/her a link or step into our shop holding hands. 
Either way, Anne is your perfect match 

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