Gem of May: Emerald

Gem of May: Emerald

Known as the Jewel of Kings, Emerald is majestic, rare and luxurious. 
 The bible describes it as embedded in Aaron's breastplate, Cleopatra was obsessed with it, Napoleon bestowed an Emerald set on his second wife as wedding gift, and it adorned the jewels of the legendary Coco Chanel- the queen of fashion. 
It’s deep green color reminds us of lush nature, captures the eye and opens the heart.
It’s energy promotes emotional balance, stimulates courage and strengthens love. 
It conveys luck, fortune and healing, and summons purity and truth.
“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” – George Eliot
Our Emerald collection was designed with you in mind:
To enhance your beauty and to touch your soul.

 Juliette Ring:

Guaranteed to take your breath away, the princess cut green emerald stone at the core of this ring is serene. It is adorned with 10 dazzling white diamonds that contribute extra glamor. 

Noni Earring:

Delicately dangling from a gentle golden chain, this show stopping earring is featuring a deep green emerald gem and adds the ultimate amount of elegance to your ear. 

Rachel Ring:

Featuring a large Emerald stone in the center encircled by 20 bright diamonds and 16 more accent diamonds. This ring is elegant and majestic and is perfect as a wedding ring. 

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