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Hoops Through the (Y)ears

Hoop earrings are truly a timeless decoration, their story can be first traced to 2500 BC - and all the way to famous Jenny from the Block. This post is the first installment of our hoop exploration!

When you work at the jewelry boutique, you get through all sorts of interesting interactions every day. On Monday a man walks in and asks you to marry him (just to practice his big proposal speech). On Tuesday, a tourist from the US gets all sentimental, seeing a Hamsa necklace, because it reminded her of her grandmother. On Wednesday, a fierce woman rushes in, and the first thing she asks is “Do you have the hoops like Jenny from the block?”

She had such a strong energy, such a palpable “don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got” vibe that we decided to start a monthly column dedicated to hoops and hoops only.

Sumerian earring, ca. 2600–2500 BCE

Sumerian earring, ca. 2600–2500 BCE

Hoops are back, one might say, but that would be a lie. Hoops were never really out. A hoop is a circle, and the idea of the circle is that it’s infinite, like time. The passage of seasons is cyclical, the sun is a sphere, so is the earth, and so is - in a way - a womb, in short, everything that gives life. This is why from ancient times hoops were often used as symbolic and sacred jewelry. The oldest earrings archeologists have discovered belong to Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC - and what do you think, they were golden hoops! Few thousand years later you know who else wore hoops? William Shakespeare. And later still? Marilyn Monroe. And then Jenny from the block, of course.

But let’s leave Jenny for later and focus today on earlier historical hoop references - and how you can replicate their vibe with our HOTCROWN pieces:

You can't go wrong with basic hoops! This Persian Soldier in VI century BC knew that, and so do we: that's why we made our basic Whitney hoops.


Our Scarlett Earrings seem to carry the spirit of these ancient Roman pearl hoops - who would have thought it's been couple of thousands years!


This pair of ancient Byzantine earrings manifests the heavenly bodies - sun and stars; so do the Venus hoops from our Bey Star collection.

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