Spring collection with a French touch

Spring collection with a French touch

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We have a weakness for France, it's not new. The chic, the style, the croissants. Some of our most loved collections are French inspired: the ring collection named after the iconic French princesses, and of course our beautiful marquise collection, which we designed inspired by the Louis XV era and named after French marquises, wives of French kings. Not necessarily the official women, but no less powerful.

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The origin of the name Marquise describes a very desirable diamond cut, and originates from the shape of the lips of the most famous Marquise in the world, Madame de Pompadour, or by her official name: Jeanne Beaux. It is considered the most expensive and "wasteful" cut in the diamond industry because it was originally cut from a rectangular shape, and until the final shape is polished, a large amount of the diamond is lost. However, it is also the most spectacular thanks to the unique polishing and you know that we are in the business of the small details that make the difference.

עגיל חישוק דו-בארי יהלומים לבנים

There is no substitute for Parisian glam
It didn't surprise anyone that we went to Paris to photograph our beloved new spring collection full of chic, but the truth is that there was another reason this time. The recent increase in cases of anti-Semitism in France made us insist that right now and right there, we want to make our voice heard and that of the French who believe in freedom, liberty and equality. Despite the complexity, we chose to hold the photo shoot in Paris, and we are very happy about the choice and the opportunity to leave our mark in the city.

It was perfect, a lot thanks to the very talented house photographer who walks a long way with us, Shay Franco, and the beautiful and talented model-actress, Agatha Maksimov who comes to us straight from Paris and Moscow with over 1.2 million followers and a sea of captivating charisma. we fell in love


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