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    This is us- Yisgav and Ginat, and together we are HOTCROWN.  A private jewelry brand where dreams come true.

    We're a loving couple who left our day jobs and sought after our dreams.

    We both had boring daily jobs, safe careers, and fixed salaries. Yisgav told me his real dream is to create jewelry, and in response, I decided we should definitely take that leap of faith.

    As Yisgav finished his studies in SHENKAR, he slowly started to create real jewelry.  We started by selling the pieces from our little apartment. After a while, we opened our own studio and Ginat fell in love with the craft as well. We left our careers and decided to put all of our efforts in HOTCROWN.

    It wasn't easy, but today, we're the proud parents of this wonderful brand (and two lovely children!).

    We have a small shop in Tel Aviv and we design and create all of our jewelry with our amazing team.   We ship worldwide for free via DHL to your doorstep. We love hearing your amazing stories from all around the globe.


    HOTCROWN is a combination of HOT, for Ginat, and CROWN, for Yisgav.  HOT represents Ginat’s bubbly character and the spice she brings to her everyday life.  Yisgav is a descendant of a royal dynasty in Jerusalem, bringing in the CROWN aspect.

    Together, we want to provide our customer a kingdom of classic royalty while still staying fresh.  At HOTCROWN, you become royal as soon as you enter the store.


    Founded in 2013, HOTCROWN is a fun and vibrant jewelry company which makes a variety of high-end wearable creations.  Each piece is designed in-house with close attention to detail and customized by experienced jewelry experts. Our limited-edition accessories are all custom-made with high-end materials such as 14k and 18k gold and conflict-free diamonds.    Because of these quality materials, HOTCROWN pieces will last forever.

    Whether your personal style is delicate or bold, HOTCROWN crafts impeccable jewelry to tell your story!