Co-Founders and loving couple, Yisgav and Ginat, both had boring daily jobs, safe careers and steady salaries. Ginat came from the visual and textual world of advertising, and Yisgav from the analytic world of accounting. Yisgav shared his dream of creating jewelry and in response, Ginat decided to take a leap of faith in making this dream happen for both of them.

As Yisgav finished his studies at Shenkar Goldsmiths program, he slowly began to develop his own designs. They started off by selling their creations from their small apartment in Tel-Aviv. They left their old careers behind and opened up their own studio, manufacturing everything here, in Tel Aviv. Today, they are the proud parents of the HOTCROWN brand (and two little children!).

HOTCROWN is a combination of HOT, for Ginat, and CROWN, for Yisgav.  HOT represents Ginat’s bubbly character and the spice she brings to her everyday life. Yisgav is a descendant of a royal dynasty in Jerusalem, bringing in the CROWN aspect.
Together, we want to provide our customers a kingdom of classic royalty while still staying fresh.  At HOTCROWN, you become royal as soon as you enter the store.

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, HOTCROWN specializes in everyday-luxury jewelry, classic yet current. The brand was founded in 2013 by Yisgav and Ginat as a way to cast their joy and love into gold delicate fine jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is made in our studio with the utmost attention to details.

The HOTCROWN designs are inspired and driven by the need to incorporate the high-end materials into our daily life, creating the unique royal feeling for every client. The captivating creations are designed with high-end materials such as 14-18k gold, white gold, red gold, sparkling diamonds and a variety of precious stones.

HOTCROWN cares about the environment and uses only conflict-free diamonds.
HOTCROWN ships worldwide to your doorstep via DHL.