hebrew letters name necklace
hebrew aleph bet name necklace
hebrew name gold necklace
Hebrew Name Necklace - Large
Hebrew Name Necklace - Large

Hebrew Name Necklace - Large

Sale price $845.00 USD

Our contemporary collection of the Hebrew alphabet inspired by ancient gothic typographic and jewish traditions was handcrafted by our Hotcrown team. Any name stuns as the gold effortlessly catches the light. The perfect gift to melt hearts.

The typography and goldsmith work are made in our studio and will be sent to you from Israel.

All features can be customized! Please contact us if you wish to make changes, we love making custom designs.

All of our jewelry is carefully handmade in our atelier.

*HC diamond are all conflict-free diamonds

To order by phone 972-72-2991000

Color:White Gold

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How to Care for Your HOTCROWN
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Shipping & Returns Warranty Secure Payment