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    Look Book

    Our studio

    A little taste of our intimate world at our most loved place in the world

    Amazing pictures by Danielle Yashar for:

    Look what happens behind the scenes of your jewelry



    Summer Picnic

    When it's winter and it's cold outside, we can only dream it will be summer again. But when summer is on, we wish it will be winter again. So until we finish driving ourselves mad over here, here's a taste of what summer is really about

    This is a story about three besties who scheduled for a summer picnic on a sunny day... 







    Wow! that was fun!

    See you next summer....



    Photographer:  Efrat Lobel
    Makeup artist: Gali Griffel Lahav
    Hairdesign: Silvya Tubol

    Clothing: Pioo Pioo