The Alpha female

She is strong and majestic, powerful like the wind and you can't ignore her presence.

She's the alpha female.

Every now and then i meet them and something about them is addictive, you just know you want to sit with them for an endless coffee

I am proud and happy to bring to you the six ladies that reflects 2016 women's day for me.

Gili Yuval

Entrepreneur, journalist, activist, bourgeois - you name it!

Nobody really know what Gili is doing but she is doing it great. Seems like everything she touches become gold and it's fascinating to follow her latest news.

Lives in London, but can't let go of TLV Gili is totally living the dream. With achieving old dream as a ballet dancer she is pirouetting all the way to the nearest museum (with her MA degree as a curator) Gili was also our angel. When we had our biggest crises Gili was there for us, taking care of everything, only she could have done it this way. Gili proves that been a women is been everything- a friend, a mother, a daughter, a wife and a sister. And she does it the best she can, and it's pretty enough for us. Thank you Gili for been an inspiration.

Yuna Klimenko

Been pretty is not easy, especially when you always proves there so much behind the stunning look. Yuna is the kind of person that enters the room and you can't take your eyes off her, but 5 minutes of small talk with her shows you there so much beyond. At the age of 28 Yuna already has two academic degrees, managing the family business and mastering in Mindfulness. Yes you probably asking yourself what is Mindfulness, well, it's a neurological- psychological practice on the human mind, and yes this blonde will make it turn, and from the right reason for a change. Besides that Yuna knows how to live, and making the best out of any occassion, we love you Yuna. You can follow her Instagram profile but we warn you- it's too good  

Efrat Lobel

Efrat, aka Efi is our home photographer and a dear friend. She will make you look like a star even if your first name is Quasimodo. Efi is one of our alpha mail for 2016. With a cosmic energy and a positive point of view she wins it all. When your mother told you that everything will be fine, you probably were 6 years old and you truly believed in that, today when your probably getting near 30 you already understand that mama isn't always right. But Efi will prove you wrong. With strengthen mantras and wishful thinking Efi succeeding making things prettier. Her amazing husband Liad is every girl's dream. Don't be shocked of her love to the color of pink, cause this is mostly the color of her amazing website. If you ever need any photography service or spiritual treatment, she is the person to go to.


Hilla Yachimoviz

When we think of multitasking we see Hilla. Her background as the editor of one of the best fashion website in Israel, and now as the owner of her own brand- Neat is impressive when you consider she is only 29. Hilla always proves us how much energy can get inside a 155 cm person and does everything simultaneously- fashion designer and a fashion journalist. You make us feel lazy Hilla, but keep up with the great work!


Roza Sinaysky

Every day is the women's international day for Roza. She is literally international. Among her friends you can find world's biggest fashion designers/ magazines editors/ etc but she always knows how to behave. Aimed with Russian manners she goes out and conquers the world on stilettos heels. She is for us an example of how to be a women in 2016- independent, powerful and humble, she enjoying the leisure life and she earned it big time, Good luck Roza, don't forget us in your adventures! check her blog here

Sarah De-Paz

She came from Paris with lots of attitude and chic and has proven herself again and again. Now she launched a fabulous food blog you got to know. though it's in Hebrew but nothing google translate can't fix. Check her out here and be sure to do it on a full stomach.


So this is our list for women's day 2016, we wish all of you to be as strong and as good as you want to be. Your standards are the ones that counts. We truly believe that every women is a princess and should treat herself as one, don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

Embrace the princess in you.





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