HC Princess Interview: Moody Roza

If you know your Instagram game, you probably know Moody Roza, or in her other name, Roza Sinaysky. Roza is an all-around-fabulous fashionista that wears many different (and all equally gorgeous) hats in the industry: she's a fashion feature contributor to ELLE Russia and Buro24/7. Roza is also a social media correspondent, a branding consultant and a stylist. She has a long resume of working with the most renown fashion photographers and writes one of my favorite fashion columns for Telavivian.com.

roza sinaysky interview on hotcrown.com

I met with Roza a couple of days after the launch of her long anticipated blog, Moody Roza. After catching up and chatting about her latest trip to L.A, admiring her Celine sweater and gushing over her amazing candles (oh, didn't I tell you Roza is also an entrepreneur? Her candle line is the best), Roza answered a few quick questions for our new style questionnaire, where we'll be hosting some of our favorite bloggers, designers and inspiring gals. Ready? Here we go:

What’s your favorite smell? 
The smell of new cars, new shoes, the smell of my candles (black patchuli or flairry berry) and the smell of rain (light rain)

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Cuddle with my cat Mitzka

Have you enjoyed any books lately?
Does Vogue count?

What’s in your fantasy style emergency kit?
describe emergency!

roza sinaysky style day to night on hot crown

Roza Style from day to night: From the top, Hot Crown half plate ring, Breakfat at Tiffany's DVD, Saint Laurent sandals, Alexander Wang barcode sweater, Roza Sinaysky Flame fashion victim candle

How do you like your coffee?
With a chocolate cake

If you could only wear one kind of jewelry (ring/bracelet/necklace etc)- what would it be and why? 
A silver ring with a diamond or a personalized ring with my initials.

What’s a habit you’d like to break?
Being late and having lack of concentration

What’s your favorite movie?
Anything with Audrey Hepburn

What are you excited about right now?
The launch of my new blog www.moodyroza.com and my up coming trips.

tel aviv style kikar hamedina

Current playlist favorite…
WOW, Lots of stuff!! I am a hip hop fanatic! Latest on my list, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Ciara, Juicy J and a lot of Drake.

What are your two ultimate outfits/looks?
In fantasy Anything by Miu Miu during the day and Balenciaga (by Alexander Wang) at night, realistically: Black mini dress, high heels and a fun clutch at night and jeans, oversized cashmere sweater, nike air and and tote bag at day.

stylish Roza wearing HC star and popstar rings for breakfast

Favorite instagrammer to follow? @fuckjerry - Instagram is not only about pretty girly pictures, for me it's about consuming modern culture, I am very much into hip hop and american humor and it's refreshing to see his posts in my oh so fashionable feed. you should try it! 

Your shopping philosophy in 10 words or less... 

Just like with men, if it makes you dream and it feels like it was custom made just for you buy it (and in as many colors possible) !!


Thank you, Roza! xo

Image credits: Roza Sinaysky, Liya Geldman




Great interview- short and fashionable! i thought fashion bloggers might be a little bit boring but you proved me wrong!

Great interview- short and fashionable! i thought fashion bloggers might be a little bit boring but you proved me wrong!





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