5 Romantic Movie Scenes for Valentines Day

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Call me a hopeless romantic, a girly girl or a sucker for valentine's but I just really, truly do love romantic movies - and yes, that includes rom-coms. In honor of Valentine's Day, I gathered a few of my very favorite romantic movie scenes, which I can watch and re-watch dozens of times. What I love about watching these flicks again and again is that it's like talking on the phone with your besties - all the conversations are more or less variations of the same conversation - but that's exactly what's so great about them. I tried to bring a variety - some of these you can only watch alone, with a kleenex box and maybe your BFF, and some you can watch with your guy. It's also a universal great way to celebrate Valentine's whether you're in a relationship or not (or something in between), or if you just can't stand going out on the same night like everyone else on planet earth. So shall we?

watching movies is like talking to your best friend

1. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Nothing beats this classic Audrey Hepburn vehicle. And if you're watching with your guy, you can definitely have your iPad accidentally open on the Hot Crown home page... After all, it is all about the jewelry, isn't it?


2. Titanic

Yes, it's the kitchiest kitchy kitch of all times but it's also the Gone with the Wind of our times. And that scene with Jack embracing Rose? Classic. Hmm... I just realized this movie is also about a prominent piece of jewelry. Do I have a one-track mind? Maybe I do.


3. The Notebook

Also known as the way Ryan Gosling got into our collective lives, this tear-jerker will never grow old for me. Do I want to dance in the streets now? Why yes, I do.


4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cutting in on all that sweetness (nauseating or yummy - depends on your taste) is director Michel Gondry's quirky masterpiece with queen-of-my-heart (an this list) Kate Winslet. "I had you pegged". Awwww.

5. The Holiday

Yes, another Kate Winslet movie and yes, Cameron Diaz is in it, but The Holiday is a small movie with such a big heart. You'll never think of Jack Black the same way. Pinky swear.

top 5 romantic movie scenes via the hotcrown.com blog

So which one is your favorite? Do you think I missed something that just has to be on this list? And do you have any plans for Valentine's?

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