Hot Debate: Nail Art - Yay or Nay?

If there's one thing you could learn from the Red Carpet Season which just concluded (except for the inspiring speeches) is that people are growing more and more obsessed with their manicures! While I absolutely applaud the stars who refused to participate in the Mani Cam shenanigans (yet another thing for women to be judged for), I still love a good mani-pic any time of the day (hey, you need to look no further than the Hot Crown Instagram for proof).

One topic or trend that keeps rising for us manicure lovers is nail art. Some love it, some hate it - but I really am on the fence. So I invited two of my favorite local fashion bloggers (and Hot Crown princesses) to debate their cases. Please welcome Ofri and Chen:

nail art debate with ofri raban and street geek chic

from left: Chen Ben Shoshan, Ofri Raban

Chen is the blogger behind Street Chic Geek - she's a self proclaimed geek (with a regular gig on a gadget tv show), Cola Zero drinker and nail art enthusiast. Check out her blog.

Ofri is the blogger behind Ofri- Style as a Way of Life. She's a travel addicted girly girl who always has at least a few rings adorning her hands and she's all for a classic manicure. Check out her blog.

Chen is wearing the Love ring, Heart hammered ring (similar)

HC: So what do you like about nail art? And do you always stick to it?

Chen: I like nail art because for me, manicure is like a great accessory and it adds so much to your outfit. When I don't have my nails done (yes, it happens!) I always feel like something's missing. I don't always wear nail art - sometimes I just want something simple, and if the color is really interesting or classic, I sometimes wear it plain.

A Street Chic Geek nail art tutorial

HC: Do you do your own nail art? How frequently do you go to get your manicure done?

Chen: I usually do my own manicure and nail art - it's like therapy, even though it's hard to find the time, because I really get into it with a base coat and top coat and everything for a finished look. When I want to treat myself I go to the spa, and then I go for a mani-pedi combo. This happens mostly in the summer, and usually every 6 weeks or so.

HC: Do you have any "go to" nail art designs?

Chen: I like to be versatile but my favorite is having one or two fingers with a different design - like glitter or polka dots - to keep it interesting. Usually my thumb and my ring finger. 

ofri raban fashion blogger wearing hot crown jewelry rings with classic nailpolish

Ofri is wearing (from top left): Mila ring, Adele ring, Popstar ring, Becky midi ring, Mini band ring and Ora ring

HC: So how do you like your manicure?

Ofri: When I was younger I'd really go wild with my nailpolish choices and styles but I guess I'm growing to be more boring. I mostly stick to black, white or nude and if I really feel like partying I choose a classic red or burgundy. 

HC: Why not nail art?

Ofri: I actually love nail art and all the details that go into it, but for me - I think it takes the attention away from the outfit and the accessories, which is what I really love and want people to notice. I do have fun with my manicure sometimes - for example, I fell in love with the "reverse French manicure" look and it took me ages to find a manicurist who knows how to apply it. I was so happy when I finally did, I couldn't take my eyes off my hands!

HC: Do you get your nails done at home or by a pro?

Ofri: It depends, but I really prefer going to a manicurist.

Thank you so much, ladies! Please let Chen and Ofri know where YOU stand in the nail art debate by leaving a comment! For more beautiful manicure shots (and much more), follow Hot Crown on Instagram.

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