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Special guest day! I'm so excited for the second installment of our interview series. Stephanie and I have met through Twitter, and it was love at first tweet. Stephanie writes the blog A Sparkle Factor and also works as fashion stylist, writer and editor in Miami. It took me no time at all to fall for Stephanie's sunny style and I'm sure you will, too. One of my favorite recent posts from Stephanie's blog is a guide to channeling Claire Underwood's style from House of Cards, so definitely check that out - but first, here are Stephanie's answers...

stephanie parnes sparkle factor

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Scroll through email, Instagram and Twitter before I get out of bed. (I'm so obsessed!)


What's your morning routine?

After I get up, I shower and get dressed (so important when you work from home!) and then have coffee while I catch up on all my favorite blogs and reads before buckling down and getting to work.

What have you read lately and do you recommend it? Why?

I love to read! I'm a secret sucker for YA fiction and I'm OBSESSED with the Selection series by Kiera Cass... it's The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games and it's SO GOOD. It's just an easy, fun read that's a total page turner!

What would be in your style emergency kit?

Definitely Hollywood Fashion tape, safety pins, and a Tide pen.

hexagonal earrings | nasty gal moto jacket | the guard | gloria emerald ring | hollywood fashion tape | topshop skirt | tide pen

What's your greatest indulgence?

I absolutely love chocolate. I can't go a day without having some!

If you could only wear one kind of jewelry (ring/bracelet/necklace etc)- what would it be and why?

EARRINGS. I feel naked without them!

What’s a habit you’d like to break?

I am SO addicted to caffeine! I get a massive headache if I don't have coffee every morning. While I absolutely love coffee, It'd be great to not be as dependent on it... I can switch to decaf!

devil wears prada makeover montage

What’s your favorite movie scene?

The makeover montage in The Devil Wears Prada. SO many amazing looks, what fashion girl DOESN'T love it?

What's a trend you'd like to see going away? Or a trend/style you'd like to see coming back?

I'd love to see normcore go away! People don't dress up as much as they used to... I'd love for there to be a return to a more polished, formal dress code. (Don't you LOVE how everyone gets dressed up in black tie for dinner on Downton Abbey? Could you IMAGINE?)

if you cant stop thinking about it buy it

What are you excited about right now?

I absolutely love a crop top and I'm so excited that the trend is continuing on into the next few seasons! They're so fun and playful and they really just give a great energy to any look.



Current playlist favorite…

I can't stop listening to Selena Gomez's 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' and Taylor Swift's 'Style'.


What are your two ultimate outfits/looks?

A crop top with a midi skirt and leather moto jacket or leather skinnies, a white tee, and a major statement necklace.

pink peonies instagram

Favorite instagrammer to follow? 

I love Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies! She just does Instagram so well! Her house is beautiful, her outfits are gorgeous, and I'm just inspired by her feed!

Your shopping philosophy in 10 words or less...

If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it.


Thank you, Stephanie! x

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Thanks so much!! Love it! You asked some great questions. xx S

Thanks so much!! Love it! You asked some great questions. xx S

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