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It's Wednesday and it's finally time to share a special post - it was such a pleasure to interview Francesca of Chicfbdotcom - a blogger, a columnist, a style insider and an upcoming author to boot! If you hang arounf Francesca for long enough (even via Twitter) you're sure to hear so many pearls of wisdom peppered with Italian style and lots of humor, so make yourself an espresso and enjoy this read:

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I drag myself out of bed with a glass of water to the kitchen and prepare an espresso, the Italian version

What's your morning routine?
I have never been an early riser until I had a child and realized that morning brings gold in its mouth as we say in Italian. I try and cram absolutely every of my favorite routines in the morning: read the latest fashion news from both worlds, the new and the old, drink coffee, update Instagram and answer all the peeps who write me from where it’s 6 hours ahead, drink more coffee, read emails until it’s time for school runs. After, it’s pure work until 5 pm hits and it’s all of the above in repeat.

What have you read lately and do you recommend it? Why?
“A Dash of Daring” the latest biography of Carmel Snow legendary Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Editrix (I am into biographies lately). It is not only sublimely written, but it draws you into the life of a pioneer in a world that is now being explored one too many times. She was a modern feminist without even knowing it, hard to define her with one word, but she was the incarnation of the #heforshe campaign that Emma Watson represents as an Ambassador and the U.N. support. As a plus, if you love the history of fashion, it’s a must read: you’ll get catapulted into a world of Fashion far away from the actual, yet the real one where maisons like Chanel, Schiaparelli, Dior were born.


clockwise from top left: joseph blouse, a dash of daring biography, gloria emerald ring, arquite scent, miu miu banana heel, moet & chandon champagne, bottega clutch, ashton signet ring

What would be in your style emergency kit?
If it were to come from my own closet it would be a pale blue Oscar de la Renta full dress, banana heel glittery Miu Miu and a Bottega Veneta clutch. If we are talking about being stranded in an island I would never leave behind a lip balm and my two perfumes, Reminiscence and Arquiste. You see, I can be tired, exhausted, scared, puffy eyes, bad hair day, overweight, hangover, but when I like my scent my self-esteem rises to almost Red Carpet-ready level. Almost.

What's your greatest indulgence?
White truffle and champagne, in a pair or separately, still trouble.

wallis simpson

wallis simpson by cecil beaton

If you could only wear one kind of jewelry (ring/bracelet/necklace etc) what
would it be and why? 
Pomellato and Verdura are my go-to fine jewelry, and by go-to I mean “I can only afford the dream of owning them and wearing them like Wallis Simpson, nonchalantly on a yacht”.
In real life though I have always been a ring type of girl and now I am into signet rings. As a matter of facts, I am looking at your own Ashton ring I love the font you use for the initial and I see you produce it even in my baby-like pinky size.

What’s a habit you’d like to break?
That new pair of shoes that I must add to the closet: a habit that impulsively repeats itself every time I read a magazine or check the Instagram feed, the equivalent of too often.


What’s your favorite movie scene?
Out of Africa when Dennis (Robert Redford) takes Karen Blixen (aka Meryl Streep) on a plane ride and they fly over a flock of pink flamingos. I haven’t seen anything more captivatingly romantic. I end up crying as I know already the end.

What's a trend you'd like to see going away? Or a trend/style you'd like to see coming back?
I wish leggings would have never been used as pants and they would disappear as fast as Cinderella’s carriage.
As for trends, I am very skeptical, I like embracing novelty as soon as I see it on the catwalk, when it becomes fast fashion hotness I try to stay away. I’m not being a snob, I love feeling the new inspirations and interpreting them my way. I am excited with all this ‘70s adaptation to the new century: flared tailored pants, fitted jackets, pussy bow blouses, vertiginous platforms and long chiffon dresses and strings, scarves and fringes everywhere.


carolina herrera runway

What are you excited about right now?
I’m still psyched about my trip to New York Fashion Week as a guest of the Carolina Herrera runway show and working on my upcoming book “The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style” that is meant to provide the 10 key rules to dress #theItalianway. The more I write and interview top insiders I realize that to dress like an Italian is not only fun, but fits every culture, size and lifestyles.

Current playlist favorite…
“Take me to church” by Hozier on obsessive repeat. Did you see the interpretation by Russian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin?

What are your two ultimate outfits/looks?
My go to work one is culottes and a sweater with heels 

Favorite instagrammer to follow? (and why)
Tamu McPherson and J.J. Martin, two Americans in Italy and anyone who makes up the quirkiest hashtags

tamu mcpherson instagram pink coat

from tamu mcpherson's instagram

Your shopping philosophy in 10 words or less...
If it fits your style, it’s a yes, it will look fabulous. But that just between you and me, because with my teenager daughter is: “give me three outfits you would wear it with” or every email offer or window would be a purchase! 

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