25 Things To Do This Spring

It's official, spring is here! Between packing up gifts for Passover and Easter and enjoying the glorious weather (nevermind the occasional rain...), I decided to put together a fun list of things to do or try in the spring - because spring is the time for new beginnings and plans, isn't it?

By the way, all the photos in this post are from our spring photoshoot with talented photographrer Inbal Cabiri.



1. Start a project

Maybe your very own version of Julie and Julia? 


2. Clean your jewelry

Because you know it's time to show your jewelry some love... With our jewelry cleaning guide you can do it at home.


3. Get a good habit going

Because somehow going to the gym in the spring is so more appealing than in the winter, right?


4. Try a trend

Yeah, they're short-lives and sometimes make you cringe when you look back at photos, but trends are fun! Plus they make fabulous #throwbackthursday material. Try some of Stephanie's favorite trends.


5. Get a new haircut

Because it's the best and least riskiest way to feel alive.

summer white dress with stacked rings

6. Watch an Oscar-winning film

Make sure to have good company and great snacks in case it's boring.


7. Have a girls-only picnic

Because picnics. are. the. best. Trust me, I know!



8. Wear white

I'm on a white-dress streak and I'm pretty sure it's not only because I'm engaged... 


9. Try Snapchat or Meerkat

Because new apps are exciting! I haven't tried these two yet - have you?!


10. Plan your summer vacation

Book your favorite hotel/Airbnb before it's full and also get that amazing feeling of putting something fun in your calendar and knowing you can look forward to it.

doyble necklace styling by hot crown jewelry

11. Get your inbox to zero

OMG, wouldn't that be amazing?


12. Buy your mom a gift

Get your mom a gift. Not only because it's Passover - you know she deserves it and it's rewarding to make your mom happy, right? 


13. Write a longform letter

This can be a substitute to the gift. Write a long letter to someone you love. Hand writing is essential so don't cheat and print!


14. Spend the night under the stars

Whether it's a nightly picnic or you're really going for it and pitching a tent. Just think how magical a spring night would be.


15. Grow a plant

Grow a plant and try not to kill it. If thos works out you might want to think of taking care of some living, breathong beings.

girl holding fowers in a field jewelry by hot crown

16. Apply a surprising nail color or try nail art

Because sometimes it's fun to be surprised every time you look at your hands. Also, a fun nail color or nail art makes hand selfies so much more interesting, and it's a good coversation-starter.


17. Cook a new dish

Because now that winter is over, you can move on from your mac-and-cheese rut.


18. Serenade someone

It doesn't have to be romantic, but it certainly can if you want it to be.


19. Let a kid decide what you wear 

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough for this one but I think it's so cool that Summer Bellessa did this. Would you let a kid make your styling choices for you?


20. Keep a dream diary

Here's something I've been meaning to do for ages. Reading a dream diary would be fascinating/hilarious, don't you think? 

21. Try a new beauty routine

I'm addicted to beauty blogs such as Into The Gloss and Stylissima and it's really fun thinking of changing things and rouyines to get better results. I'm thinking of trying an all-natural-ingredients routine... Any thoughts?


22. Shop at a new indie designer store or Etsy shop

Because what's more unique and original than supporting an indie designer? I love this new Etsy shop for collars (yes, collars) and of course I'd love it if you visit Hot Crown on Etsy.


23. Start commenting on your favorite blog

You'll be surprised by how fun it is ;)
You can start right now! (hint, hint)


24. Get fresh flowers for your desk

Because even when you're working you can still enjoy spring!


25. Twirl

Because twirling isn't just for kids! And with the new live action Cinderella movie, it's so on point.


Happy Spring! xo

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