So Something Happenned...

Dear Friends,
In the last couple of days, you might have seen this link and wondered what it was all about.
This link leads to our crowdfunding project, the one we started after our entire stock (that means all the jewelry we crafted by hand, one by one... Plus our display), yes, our entire stock -- was stolen from our studio. This happened this weekend, just 2 weeks before our wedding.
Friends have helped us start a crowdfunding campaign in order to re-open Hot Crown and start rebuilding it piece by piece. When you're contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, you're actually pre-ordering the jewelry piece of your choice (earrings, rings, necklaces or a set) or a gift card.
This will allow us to re-stock on materials and continue our business.
We so appreciate your time reading this and all the support you've been giving us.
Ginat and Yisgav 

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