A Royal Proposal

A Royal Proposal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged and we couldn’t be more excited! Even though this means Harry is now out of the market (bye-bye princess dreams), he truly deserves to be happy. When Prince Harry was asked about when he knew he was going to marry Meghan, his answer was: "The very first time we met." The magic and passion is real and we’re all over this couple’s engagement.

Harry proposed in the couple's house on what the prince described as a "typical night." The two were roasting a chicken when Harry got down on one knee. She described the moment as "just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural and very romantic." The couple will get married in Spring, surrounded by the colorful and cheerful season. Can it even be more perfect?

And now… let’s talk about that bling-bling! The beautiful engagement ring was designed by the prince himself. It’s a three-stone traditional ring. The main and center diamond is from Botswana, as it holds a meaningful significance for the couple, being their first trip together. The two diamonds beside the main stone, belonged to Princess Diana, Harry’s mother. He said having a piece of his mother involved in the occasion was very important to him.

We absolutely love three-stone engagement rings, just like our own essential and best-sellers, the Audrey and the Emma.


A traditional and elegant ring, with a classic and refined design.


A glamorous twist to the traditional ring, a center diamond is accompanied by two shimmering pear-shaped white stones.

Prince Harry’s design is a stunning arrangement and looks perfect on Markle’s finger and has a substantial meaning. However, being such a party, playful and untraditional guy, we do think he could also have gone for a more unique style, like Prince William did with Kate’s 12-carat Sapphire ring.

Therefore, here’s our proposal for alternative and uncommon engagement rings:


An antique style with an aquamarine as the center stone. Adorning the gem are 28 sparkling diamonds creating a halo effect around it.


An art-deco inspired ring with a delicate hexagon-shaped setting with a round diamond surrounded by small diamonds complementing the shape. The center stone can be replaced with your desired one.


Marie Antoinette:

Named after one of history's most ornate and stylish woman of the past, this ring has a jaw-dropping pear shaped diamond in the center surrounded by 12 dazzling diamonds.


A statement creation made with a pear-shaped black diamond in the center of the ring. The stunning black stone is lined with 14 fine accent white diamonds. The halo frame on the diamond creates a timeless and elegant appeal.


A captivating rich Emerald stone in the center accompanied with two glorious diamonds on its sides inspired by French design and royalty.


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