It’s that Engagement Time of the year

It’s that Engagement Time of the year

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That thought probably crossed your mind: we got together a while ago, we are not that young anymore, maybe it’s time to step it up.

Well, it is!

If you want to get married, and you love what you see in front of you (her/him/them – we honor every love there is), then you must consider the holidays, that magical time of year, and dive in.

Imagine the excitement in your partner eyes, while opening Christmas gifts, for example, and one of them will be an engagement ring manifesting all your hopes and dreams of your future together. Don’t hesitate and jump on this opportunity to make the following year – memorable forever.

Once we’ve settled that part, you’ll have to move quick. The clock is ticking, and Christmas Eve, or New Year’s is right around the corner, and there’s no time to waste. But don’t worry we were born ready for times like this. We can help you with the process of choosing an engagement ring with eyes closed.
We are right and ready for this task!

So this is our engagement ring’s hack to choose the perfect diamond ring:

The Solitaire Diamond ring

The most classic and iconic Engagement ring, it’s the real deal and doesn’t joke around, focuses on the most important thing – the diamond. This kind of ring demands a big and clear rock that will draw all attention available. This solitaire ring fits the flashy, bling bling kinda person. If this sounds like your future fiancé – this is the ring.

Solitair engagement diamond ring

The Three Stone Ring

Another classic, yet with a twist. With this kind of diamond setting you will definitely be the star of every conversation. There are many designs for three stone rings, we love especially the combination of black and white diamonds! Bold and different.


The Vintage Ring

If your partner is an “old-soul” you have to adapt the vintage style! This kind of ring usually has a big shiny diamond in the middle surrounded by a halo of beautiful little stones. Very romantic, very dainty, absolutely gorgeous.

AMY GOLD RING DIAMOND vintage engagement ring



Who-says-it-has-to-be-a-diamond – Gemstone Ring

white diamonds? Are you sure? Some of us aren’t keen of the royal look of the classic white diamond, and prefer a more fresh and modern look, which can be achieved easily by choosing a colored gemstone like Ruby or Sapphire.   

KATERINA ROSE GOLD RING - aquamarine engagement diamond ring



So now, take a deep breath and imagine your significant other with one of these rings – which style would put that spark in their eyes?

And remember to act on it quickly – 2019 is right around the corner.

For a personal shopping concierge, please use our chat (or contact form)and we will help you with the perfect choice.

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