Holocaust Survivor Fela Weisberg Presthandig & the Ruby Ring

Fela Weisberg Presthandig is a holocaust survivor from Poland with an incredible story about survival. She lost her mother and younger siblings at the beginning of the war, as they had been sent to the Treblinka extermination camp. Fela stayed behind with her older brother Jacob and her two older sisters. To stay alive, Fela worked in a factory during her time at the ghetto. However, death came close several times. Fela fell ill and risked falling into the hands of doctor Mengele's. Fortunately, she was warned prior to selections, so she could avoid being kills.
Eventually Fela and her sister were shipped to Auschwitz. They were sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz. They stood in line for a long time awaiting their deaths. After much time weeping in anticipation, they were let out. Fela and her sister Lacha left the gas chambers alive, and instead, were given a dress and wooden boots, and they were put to work. The sisters received tattoos with personal identification numbers. From that point forward, they had no names, only numbers.
Fela explains that a friendly German soldier watched her for some time. When Fella asked him why he always watched her, he explained that she reminded him of his own daughter. He began secretly bringing her slices of bread, and Fella secretly distributed the bread to the hungry. One day, a woman in desperate tears approached Fela in search of food. The woman was hiding her 3-year old daughter in the camp and she needed help finding food. Fela was able to obtain more bread from the friendly German soldier. In exchange, the woman gave Fela her cherished family heirloom, a gold ring with a precious ruby center stone.
Eventually Fela was liberated from Auschwitz. She started a family and passed her story from one generation to the next. Today, Fela has several daughters and granddaughters who feel a strong connection with her experiences from the holocaust, and they wanted a replica of the unique ring that survived the holocaust. Today each of them carries a beautiful replica, custom created by HotCrown.

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