It’s that Time of the Year Again and we Bring you the Latest Fall Trends

It’s that Time of the Year Again and we Bring you the Latest Fall Trends

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Summer is over and it’s time to move to that perfect-weather season we’ve been expecting. One of the things we like the most about this much-expected season is the warm colors and rich textures it brings with it. In this post, we present you all the major fall trends of 2017 brought straight from New York Fashion Week: colors, jewelry, clothes, makeup and hairstyles so you can be prepared for this upcoming season!


According to Pantone, the color palette for Fall 2017 leans more towards warm colors. Comforting shades are crucial to this season, including pale pink, golden lime and marina blue. The colors are powerful and evocative like the ‘Grenadine’ which is a “confident and self-assured attention-getter” shade of red, or like the “Tawny Port” which is an elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful shade of burgundy.

Jewelry Trends

Following the color palette that Pantone took out from New York Fashion week, ruby is the dominating gemstone. Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color, being the most famous red gemstone. Besides its bright color, it’s a most desirable gem due to its hardness, durability, brightness, and rarity. Moreover, Saphire is the perfect match to the ‘Navy Peony’ shade, as well as the Emerald coming between ‘Shaded Spruce’ and ‘Golden lime.’

Amy ring:

Sofia ring:

ILU earrings:

Leeonora Necklace:

Matilda ring:


Fashion Trends

The runways at New York Fashion Week were a big surprise this season. Trends like fringes and one-shoulder pieces aren’t new, but designers are taking them to a whole new level of excitement. Neutral plaids are also trending now, appearing on every piece of clothes you can imagine, from boots to coats, to t-shirts and accessories. Moreover, this season’s runway demonstrated that flowers aren’t only blooming in spring and that metallic sparkles can be used all year long, at daytime and nighttime.


Glitter Bomb

Leather pants

One shoulder

Neutral plaids

Makeup Trends

This fall’s beauty trends are the opposite of no-makeup: dramatic and unique eyeliner trends, strong eye looks and lip color statements following this season’s color scheme.

Cold weather cheeks

Eyeliner interrupted

Brown lips

Blue Eyeshadow

Sunset eyes

Dramatic Eyeliner

Hair Trends

The hair for this season is all about the drama of simplicity. The runways showcased natural and relaxed looks, as well as exotic tribal braids, and easy-to-pull-off wet styles.

The sleek wet look

Relaxed curls

Short bobs

The bowl cut

Tribal braids

Natural lengths

This season is full of inspiring colors, trendy pieces and fun trends.

Find your favorite ones and enjoy this season!

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