Mixing n’ Matching Jewelry: Tips to Master this Trend

Mixing n’ Matching Jewelry: Tips to Master this Trend

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According to Coco Chanel: “when accessorizing, take off the last thing you put on.” Well, sorry Coco, but we have to say that times have changed! Nowadays, less isn’t exactly more and the rule about not mixing metals is far gone. Staying on only a single colored metal can be now seen as too matchy-matchy instead of modern… and not to mention how it takes all the creativity out of shopping when you have to always keep in mind what you already have at home.Adding layers and mixing metals is now seen as the perfect way to add warmth and texture to your wardrobe, as well as creating stylish looks for every event.

We bring you 4 tips to master the mixing and matching of golds, metals and the latest jewelry trends.

  • 1. Don’t worry about the hardware
  • Raise your hand if you have had multiple debates over buying or not buying purses, boots or sunglasses because of their metallic zippers or buckles! I can’t even count how many times I have changed clothes and accessories because a gold necklace could NEVER be matched with boots with silver accessories. We have good news for you: you don’t have to stress anymore about adding these elements to your look unless of course, the hardware is the dominant part of how you look.

    2. Make it look as if you did it on purpose:

    While mixing metals and colors in jewelry, you should make it seem as if it was calculated to achieve a stylish and trendy look. You don’t have to think about the combination of metals twice, but rather think about if the pieces belong together aesthetically. You shouldn’t mix and cross different styles, the combination still needs to make sense!

    3. Stacking, stacking and & more stacking:

    Stacking rings is trending now, but now you should also try stacking bracelets and necklaces. You can layer up different necklaces from the longest to the shortest in different colors. Also with bracelets, if there’s no centerpiece among them, try mixing them according to their thickness and size to create consistency. As for the rings, stack them one on top of another according to your taste. Have fun with this new trend, as stacking mixed metals in one place makes it look intentional and very sleek.

    gold and diamonds rings stacking

    4. Color pop:

    Adding another color to the equation will complement the different metal shades. You can add black diamonds or different gemstones according to your look that will allow you to have even more fun with your accessories and making the final result very funky and unique.


    We’re happy that mixing and matching is no longer a ‘faux pas’ and you can have fun while creating your own looks and showing off your inner fashionistas. However, you have to always take into account that there’s a really fine line between fashion and redundancy. Try to always keep your jewelry pieces under the same style while mingling them and remember to be bold as well, because you deserve to shine!

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