Halloween Inspiration: Jewelry with Black Diamonds

Halloween Inspiration: Jewelry with Black Diamonds

Halloween is here and what better way to celebrate this dark festivity than talking about black diamonds. Black diamonds seem especially appropriate around Halloween, the most spooky day of the year, but there’s really never a time when the gem isn’t fashionable. Before the 1920’s, black diamonds were held in low regard, but as time has passed, they’ve become essential in the fine jewelry industry. Take one look at a black diamond and it’s immediately clear why it’s so popular these days. Black diamonds are sparkly, sexy, dramatic, mysterious and fancy-looking. From engagement rings to earrings, black diamonds are showstoppers.

Black diamonds are hard to find and unlike traditional diamonds, they are composed of carbon atoms and small amounts of hydrogen. This has led to scientists theorizing that black diamonds are formed in the space, most likely by the explosion of a stellar supernova. Other researchers have even speculated that black diamonds are sure indicators of an extraterrestrial origin due to its content of nitrogen and hydrogen. Even though these theories haven’t been proved, they give an extraordinary and mythical background to these diamonds, which give them a sense of mystery and uniqueness. Moreover, studies have concluded that these diamonds were made over 2.8 million years ago, which increases its rareness.

Several cultures have adopted black diamonds as either a lucky or unlucky symbol. For instance, the ancient Indian culture considered black diamonds cursed due to their resemblance to a spider’s or snake’s eyes (HALLOWEEN PERFECT OR WHAT?). On the other side, in Italian culture, black diamonds were thought to bring good fortune to marriages since it’s called the stone of reconciliation. Italians believed that touching the stone would transfer the couples’ problems into the diamond.

The big question behind this rare stone has been if black diamonds are real or not, and the answer is an absolute YES. Although, they cannot be graded the same way as traditional diamonds. The reason behind this is that these diamonds are heavily included and mostly opaque. The natural color of a black diamond ranges from black to dark greys and it’s considered the rarest among all diamonds.

Since black diamonds are such a trend now, we feel they are the perfect accessory for Halloween due to its color, mystery, and background. Not only that, you know that black is ‘the new black’, the trendiest color of all. Black diamonds look good with everything, they can be combined with all types of diamonds and gemstones, especially white diamonds. The merger between white and black diamonds creates a breathtaking contrasting effect. Moreover, black diamonds can be mixed with all metal colors, either yellow, white or rose gold and look absolutely stunning in any way. They provide a fiercely fascinating contrast in all variety of jewelry, so standing out from the crowd becomes effortless when you’re wearing one of these opaque beauties. Even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City got a black diamond engagement ring from Mr. Big. If this doesn’t explain how fashionable this stone is, we don’t know what else would!

Check out the different ways in which this precious stone can be used and be spooky, but with glamour!

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