Moschino's Recycled Fashion - Fashion Week Milan

Jeremy Scott has shocked us once again! At Fashion Week Milan, his models sported the unexpected packing tape, brown paper bags, shipping labels, barcodes, black garbage bags, tin garbage bins. Why, you ask? Because the new look is inspired by garbage and shipping boxes!
After Moschino's paper dolls last spring, we thought Jeremy Scott's surprises couldn't be outdone, but now we have seen Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in cardboard box inspired wardrobe. The models were dressed in a paper bag brown color, with clear shipping tape accents, and text such as "this side up" and "fragile". We are happy to share the highlights from Scott's Moschino runway collection.
The shipping materials was just the beginning of surprise inspirations at Milan Fashion Week. After cardboard outfits came dry cleaner bag gowns, trash bag, and toilet paper.
This unique dry cleaner bag creation comes with the standard "We love our customers" insert, protective plastic, the model's hair accessory is the clothes hanger, and the handbag is inspired by an 80's sport sock.
We also saw a transparent shower curtain with metal ring holes, as if it was just removed from the shower rod. This is recycled fashion at it's best. Created a real buzz.
The last big surprise was the trash bag / trash bin inspired outfit. The shiny back material coupled with the bin cover hat is spot on!

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