Our New Arrivals Are Happening!

Incase you haven't already heard, we just released our new arrivals and they are to die for! Our new collection of fine jewelry is composed of intricate and high-end custom creations by our fantastic team of jewelry designers. The collection is inspired by the elegant and adored Beverly Hills style. The beautiful accessories are named after the well known and treasured 90210 cast. Each piece is a masterpiece created with the closest attention to detail and makes an impeccable statement. Our diamonds are cut with the utmost exact proportions to reveal a striking paramount look. The diamonds are set in 14k and 18k gold, yellow gold and white gold. The New Collection features a variety of different accessories, including delicate, elegant, classy and chic. Each piece has a personality of it’s own and a unique story to tell. All the pieces are ready-to-order and ready-to-wear. The only question is, which piece exudes the inner you? Find the piece that reflects your inner confidence and style!

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