Stacking Queens!

Stacking Queens!

Trend alert! It is no secret that we at HotCrown are absolutely and utterly obsessed with stacking on glamorous and edgy rings. The more the merrier is most often the company motto when it comes to accessorizing and no one can deny the fantastic appeal of impeccable ring combinations. We encourage our girls to make a statement with their accessories, to be bold, beautiful and confident. We want you to dress-up with us and add a new accent to your personal style with your one-of-a-kind HotCrown pieces. There are those that like their jewelry dainty and delicate and others who want to be loud and proud. There are no rules to stacking, just add what you love to your hands and change it up every day. Sometimes it can be as simple as a pinky ring paired with a knuckle ring and other times you can just go all out with 3-4 rings per finger (which by the way os awesome!) Today, we especially want to bring attention to our favorite stacking accessory looks of all time and share celebrities that get it!


And last but not least..our very own version of stacking!



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