Our Favorite New Bridal Trends

Our Favorite New Bridal Trends

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There are many new bridal trends now that we are absolutely loving. We are infatuated with the unbelievable and unique new styles that the bridal industry produces. There is a noticeable shift of bridal gowns becoming more of a fashion statement as opposed to the traditional wedding attire that it once was. Today, brides are showing-off their figure in innovative designs, extravagant skirts and unbelievable laces. Slowly, slowly this incredible evolution of the traditional wedding dress is redifining itself. Wearing white to your wedding became a trend during the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when Victoria wore white. For more than 100 years women wore similar styles of white and ivory gowns to their special day. Today however, there is major change in silhouettes and fashion for brides. Women are no longer keeping it traditional and are wearing hues of pink, blue, champagne and silver. Skin-baring backs and deeply cut necklines are the new styles that we are seeing on the runway. Bridal gowns are becoming huge fashion statements and to be honest, we think it's awesome that women have so many options to choose from for their wedding day to match their personal style.

Below are some of our favorite bridal trends:

Leg-baring slits

Powder pink gowns!

Skin baring backs


Open-shoulder gown

Deep v-necklines, beautiful embroidery and invisible fabric

Strapless corset dresses

Skin baring backs and extravagant skirts

Are you a fan of these trends too? Let us know!


-Hot Crown Family

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