Using Nature Accents in Your Interior Design

Using Nature Accents in Your Interior Design

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We are all about interior design at HotCrown and want to tell you about one of our favorite design styles to complement the existing composition in your apartment or home. While mixing a soft palette of neutral colors, you can add a beautiful but subtle pop of green with an elegant plant in your space. It's clean, elegant and sophisticated while pairing nature's green details on a canvas of natural pastel or light colors. This green accent can be on your coffee table, dining room, work space and even your restroom. It completes the room with an exotic vibe while adding a breath of fresh air to the atmosphere. Don't fear getting a few plants or even adding a verdant cactus to the mix. These chic plants look especially stylish on a white marble platform. Soft and dusty hues of pink, gray, and cream add personality to your home while leaving space for a pop of color! Have a look at some of our favorite green accents in several different scenarios and be inspired to try it at home.

Do you love the little accents of green plants we are using?

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