What's New At HotCrown

What's New At HotCrown

As you may have noticed, every month we have made it our mission to add new accessories to our HotCrown online store. Our in-house designer is constantly creating new shapes and styles for our HotCrown girls making it possible for us to release several new beauties to our family this month. Everything you see online is carefully crafted with a lot of special attention to detail and is often times re-made over and over until we achieve the perfect form. We recently released three darling creations: The Audrie Ring, The Bey Ring and our Carrie Ring with black diamonds. Scroll down to see more stunning photos and to learn more about our new beauties.

Audrie is our new engagement ring which shows off some serious sparkle. It is both elegant and glamorous while made in 14k gold. The center diamond is accompanied by two smaller stunning diamonds creating a beautiful composition of shimmer.

Last month we released our beautiful Carrie ring with the beautiful white diamonds. This month we wanted to give you an alternative version to this ring with the Carrie ring encrusted in black diamonds. It is so beautiful on the hand and has an edgy vibe. Carrie is also made in 14k gold and encrusted with 7 stunning diamonds.

Last but not least, say hello to our Bey Ring. Bey is a star made for our stars! She is bold and makes a statement with her geometric silhouette. Bey is so daring and beautifully encrusted with eight champagne glittering diamonds. The diamonds in the Bey ring resemble the stars amongst the dark nights sky. 

Hope you love them!


The Hot Crown Family

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