It's All About Geometry

It's All About Geometry

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 It's been years since geometry class and it appears that this topic has made a comeback (minus the text books)! Who would have thought that putting together geometric shapes could make for such beautiful furniture? It's mind-blowing how futuristic and edgy these interior design pieces are. They can make a room look so distinctive with just one tiny object.

We have been browsing the web all day looking at some of the most minimalistic designs and we are in awe of what we found. They are artistic, daring while also not being too out there. There's something about their perfect symmetry and clean lines that is very pleasing to the eye. They can best be described as accent pieces that give a room or office space a bit more personality. 

Furniture can be a great source of inspiration for designers. Especially when it comes to all these perfectly parallel lines and symmetric shapes. Have a look at some of our favorite living rooms with a touch of geometric objects and see how much it adds.


Here's a geometric inspired piece that you can find online. We love our Amy diamond ring.




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