HotCrown Swedish Vacation

HotCrown Swedish Vacation

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Stockholm is a city full of fancy buildings, impressive street fashion, innovative start-ups and beautiful greenery. It's a bustling metropolis city inhabited by active people, busy streets and world's most delicious cinnabuns! This highly popular destination is not just full of historical landmarks but also surrounded by glittering waters as it's a part of several islands sitting on the Baltic Sea and The Inland Lake Country. While we spent nearly a week in Stockholm, there is no amount of time that is enough to enjoy all the wonderful site-seeing and exploring that this city has to offer.

While visiting, we noticed that the Swedes tend to be fish snobs as fish is a fine delicacy and they enjoy eating sweet fish eggs out of a tube that looks like toothpaste. We actually tried it and although it sounds repelling, it is actually good! During the summer we got to travel to a friend's country home and enjoy some peace and quite while relaxing near a captivating lake. It's a common activity for the Swedes to escape the big city over summer to a humbling silence in the middle of what feels like nowhere. While enjoying the polar opposite destinations that are merely hours apart in Sweden, we were able to document some of the incredible sites and experiences during our time in Sweden.


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