Adi Haymen: Modest Fashion Icon

Adi Haymen: Modest Fashion Icon

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This week we had the honor of meeting a fashion icon in the world of modest fashion. Adi provides a great example of how women of all religions can feel confident showing off their personal style while staying true to their faith. She recently flew in from New York and met us during a beautiful afternoon at the Norman Hotel. Adi is the founder of an intriguing blog, Fabologist, which inspires women to not let go of their passion for fashion while still dressing modestly.

She showed up in a chic gown featuring a stunning red bedouin pattern beautifully woven into the white fabric. Showing up in this dress was highly symbolic and is part of the ecumenical message Adi promotes. Also, being fashionable and dressing modestly doesn’t have to be a contradiction. You can be conservative, religious or just want to cover-up and still look like you walked off the runway. We admire Adi’s passion to dress in designer clothing and still reveal her religious persona through her wardrobe. Ten years ago, it was difficult to imagine a relationship between high-fashion and an orthodox wardrobe. So much has changed in the last decade terms of what counts as fashion and we are seeing a major opening up of personal style for orthodox women.


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