For The Love of Pompom's

For The Love of Pompom's

Trend Alert! Have you noticed all the adorable pompom accessories popping up all over the place this season? This new trend is showing us that the fashion world is having some serious fun in their design rooms. There is nothing more endearing right now than the addition of pompoms to your wardrobe. They are lively, colorful and add so much personality! We’ve noticed them dangling on keychains, decorating handbags, adorning on sandals and even designed onto earrings.

This Pompom trend is appearing across all categories of fashion, including high fashion and streetwear. How can anyone be in a bad mood when in the presence of fluffy pompoms? They have a Spanish and gypsy vibe and can make any outfit vibrantly chic. These decorative pompoms look good on any fabric or item, from a winter sweater to a summer beach bag. We rounded up some of our favorite pompom looks of the season.


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