Pauline Félicité Earring With Black & White Diamonds
Pauline Félicité Earring With Black & White Diamonds
Pauline Félicité Earring With Black & White Diamonds

Pauline Félicité Earring With Black & White Diamonds

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Color:Yellow Gold

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Display an eye catching proclamation on your ears wearing the tribute to 1774's femininity of the great marquises of France, the Pauline Félictié earrings. As bees played a significant role in the nouveau art age, a rich marquise stone acts as the body of royal bee with two glimmering gold shaped wings. As part of the LA MARQUIS collection was inspired by Parisian springtime, the collection was designed with floral and natural elements adorned by the glisten of diamonds and gold. This spectacular piece is perfect for any occasion and adds a powerful statement to any look.

Pauline Félicité became the second mistress of Louis XV, although her sister kept the official position of maîtresse en titre. The king lavished her with gifts, the greatest being the castle of Choisy-le-Roi newly decorated in blue and silver. To provide her an appropriate status at court, the king arranged for her to marry a nobleman only who agreed not to interfere in their relationship. On 28 September 1739, Pauline Félicité married Jean Baptiste Félix Hubert de Vintimille, marquis de Vintimille, comte du Luc who departed to the country after their wedding. After the wedding she was also given the post of designate Dame du Palais (lady-in-waiting) to the future bride of the crown prince and 6000 livres. Though the crown prince was not yet even married, this gave her an official place in the court hierarchy. The new marquise de Ventimille soon became pregnant by the king.

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*HC diamond are all conflict-free diamonds

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