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    Welcome to the world of Audrey.

    Audrey Hepburn had a natural grace and elegance, as well as a dazzling personality.

    There is a story that says that one evening, just before a party, Audrey spilled coffee on her dress. Since she didn’t have anything to change into, she borrowed a plain white dress shirt from her husband, Mel Ferrer. She tied it at the waist and rolled up the sleeves, popped the collar and combined it with a flared skirt. She went to the party like that, and a few days later, hordes of women began to imitate her improvised style.

    Hepburn had the grace of someone who had learned dance from early childhood and the elegance of an impoverished aristocrat (she was the daughter of Dutch Baroness Ella Van Heemstra and British diplomat Joseph Hepburn Rushton)

    We at HOTCROWN worship Audrey Hepburn and in honor of the amazing women she was we dedicate this design with love. 




    Our Audrie is our fancy gold ring embellished with three shimmering white diamonds. The ring is a unique take on the triple stone ring. The Audrey It is one of our most elegant and minimalistic rings with a bold center stone accompanied by two fine side diamonds.

    With a two-tone pattern, the ring combines both traditional and original looks, and at the same time, delicate and bold.

    This timeless piece can be customized with and stones of your choice.