Chess Grandmasters are Officially Cool

Chess Grandmasters are Officially Cool

While thinking of a new name for our beautiful collection, we stumbled upon the idea of naming it after the Chess Grandmasters. You probably ask to yourself, why would we at HOTCROWN do that out of all our other options and possibilities? Well, to answer that question, it is very simple: The black and white contrast of these shiny diamonds reminded us of a game of chess. And what better way to celebrate #girlpower then to honor the legends that succeeded in entering this competitive game and transform it from a male-oriented environment to a completely gender free competition! Each piece is named after a powerful woman that changed the game of chess forever! So below, enjoy our beautiful collection paired with the beautiful women named after them. Check mate!


Tatiana Anatolyevna Kosintseva is a Russian Chess Grandmaster. She is two time European women’s champion and three time Russian women’s champion. She was also a member of the gold medal-winning Russian team at the Women’s chess Olympiads! She's golden! 


The beautiful Nona earrings are named after the one and only Nona Gaprindashvili ! She is a Georgian chess player and is 76 years old. She is the sixth women's world chess champion and first female Grandmaster. Nona is known as is the strongest female player of her generation. Naming these dazzling earrings after her was a must! 

Alexandra Konstantinovna Kosteniuk is a Russian chess Grandmaster and a former Women's world chess champion. She was a member of the gold medal-winning Russian team at the Women's Chess Olympiads and at the Women's European Team Chess Championships. 

Natalia Andreevna Pogonina is a 32 year old Russian chess player who holds the title of Woman Grandmaster. She is the runner-up of the Women World Chess Championship of 2015. You go girl! 


Judit Polgár is a 40 year old Hungarian chess grandmaster. In 1991, Polgár achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15 years and 4 months, at the time the youngest to have done so!  She is generally considered the strongest female chess player of all time ! 


The Valentina necklace is named after infamous Valentina Evgenyevna Gunina. She's a Russian chess grandmaster. She has won twice the Women's Individual European Chess Championship and three times the Russian's women Championship.


Elena Sedina is an Ukrainian-Italian chess player who holds the titles of International Master  and Woman Grandmaster. She has also won the Ukrainian Women's Chess Championship, the Australian Open Chess Championship, and is a Chess Olympiad and Mitropa Cup gold medalist.


Hope you enjoyed these little facts of the day, see you next week!





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