Best Places to Visit in Europe This Summer!

Best Places to Visit in Europe This Summer!

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One of the most amazing things about traveling in Europe is how incredibly easy it is to get around. With so much to see and do, a summer trip through the top European destinations is a new experience every time you go. We chose our favorite European destinations for this summer – take a look and pick your favorite!


It’s the season to enjoy la dolce vita! Whether driving through the Amalfi Coast, hiking along the Cinque Terre or tracking down the best gelato in Sicily, you can never go wrong. This beautiful country isn’t just for travelers who crave the world’s best pizzas, pastas and wines. The food (and wine) in this unique country is one reason to add it to your bucket list, but the historic cities, clean coastlines and rich turquoise Mediterranean waters will assure you that one visit is not enough.

Amalfi, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy 

Tuscany, Italy 

Sicily, Italy

Puglia, Italy 

Venice, Italy 

If you're pondering a vacation in Greece this summer, there's no reason to hesitate. Greece has so many diverse aspects that provide something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a history lover or prefer a quiet vacation lounging on the beach or maybe you are looking for an alternative extreme sport-filled vacation — whatever your pleasure is, Greece is sure to please!

Mykonos, Greece

Zakynthos, Greece 

Paros, Greece 

Santorini, Greece

Let me guess, you’ve been pretty much everywhere in Europe, but never really thought of visiting Portugal. A lush landscape bursting with coast-side cliffs and golden beaches, Portugal is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries – but it’s more than just a pretty face. From its bustling capital to its laid-back beaches, Portugal offers everything you crave in a European getaway.

Algarve, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Despite the hoards of tourists, summer is a pretty nice time to be in France. Long hot summer days. Unlike what you may be used to, the sun doesn't set until 11pm, allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest. With plenty of outdoor activities, bustling markets overflowing with fresh produce and lots of beaches to work on your tan, this is a great time to be in the country! 

St. Tropez, France

Provence, France

Mont Saint Michel, France

Cannes, France

Paris, France 

Travel lovers, listen up! With approximately 1,200 islands, Azure waters and picturesque villages rich in history, Croatia is drawing more and more travellers to it's shores. It is fast-becoming the kind of travel destination that should find its way to the top of your bucket list. From the unforgettable Game Of Thrones scenery and beautiful architecture, to a legendary music scene and the perfect climate, there are countless reasons why Croatia is becoming such a travel hot spot, so make sure to go visit!

Hvar, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Istria, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia



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