Planning your wedding requires making various meaningful decisions while investing a long time coordinating one of the most important days of your life. What is the most important detail to remember? The engagement ring of course! Choosing the perfect engagement ring that is going to last with you forever! We at HOTCROWN are so honored to be part of that chapter in each couple’s life. It’s a monumental moment that two people share and we couldn’t be more delighted to help guide our couples into their future.

Every engagement ring has its own story and we are here to help you illustrate it. We know each love is unique in its own way and we want your engagement ring to exude that. Whether you’re looking for a unique design, custom engraving or precious assortment of stones, HOTCROWN has it all!

Below are some of our most popular engagement rings. Keep in mind that each ring can be custom-made to any person’s wishes!

The Bianca: Bianca is our glamorous engagement ring. The center diamond is fully surrounded by radiant diamonds which create a fan effect around the center stone. It has too much sparkle to resist ! 


Amy Ring with Ruby: Our stunning Amy is an art-deco inspired ring with a delicate hexagon shaped center diamond. The gorgeous Ruby is adorned and surrounded with dazzling small diamonds which compliment the stunning shape. The Amy can be customised with stones of your choice! 

Elizabeth Ring: Our Elizabeth has a stunning classic halo with a unique curved pattern band encrusted with fine diamonds. This ring is a hybrid of old and new- it combines a classic vintage halo and a modern curved band, for an elegant and beautiful piece.

The Audrey: Audrey is our fancy 18k gold ring embellished with three shimmering white diamonds. It is one of our most elegant and minimalistic rings with a bold center stone accompanied by two fine side diamonds. This timeless piece can be customized with and stones of your choice

The Luna: Our captivating Luna ring is our statement creation made with a pear shaped black diamond in the center of the ring. The stunning black stone is lined with 14 fine accent white diamonds. The halo frame on the diamond creates a timeless and elegant appeal.



The HOTCROWN team 


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