There is no denying that Gal Gadot is creating a huge buzz as wonder woman! She’s making both males and females drool in the theaters with her smashing performance as Diana, the unconquerable warrior and princess of the Amazons. Here are reasons why WE at HOTCROWN are absolutely obsessed with this Israeli goddess

1)Her badass action scenes in Wonder Woman – Because who else can walk through a war zone with such perfect hair and a goddess bod while beating the bad guys?

2)She was a sports instructor for the IDF (soooo badass). When you’re a citizen of Israel, like Gadot is, you’re required to serve some time in their military. She spent two years serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. It was her military background and knowledge of weapons that helped her get her breakout role as Gisele in “Fast & Furious.” In 2009, Justin Lin, the director of “Fast & Furious,” thought her fighting spirit was so obvious that he added to her character’s back story by making her a Mossad agent.

3)She was Miss Israel in 2004 - Yup, before she was an actress, Gadot competed in pageants in Israel and worked as a model, and a very successful one, at that.

4)Gal was pregnant while shooting Wonder Woman. She was 5 months due when she had to return to the studio to do some reshoots and the director had to green-screen out her baby bump.

5)She breaks fashion norms and sets her own trends - Even Wonder Woman gets tired of high heels, which is why during this season’s biggest superhero film, Gal Gadot was wearing flat sandals (best red carpet moment EVER) For the film's Los Angeles premiere, she showed up in $50 flats from Aldo rather than pricey heels. When asked, she responded "it's more comfortable."

6)Gal does her own stunts - Her first mainstream role was Gisele in Fast & Furious. In an interview with Real Style Network she said, “All of the stunts on Fast 5 and 6, I have done myself and on Fast 6 we went crazy with the action moves.”  She continued, “The adrenaline was just incredible and I enjoyed being able to do the stuff that in real life you can’t.”





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