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How to pick A unique engagemnet ring

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grey diamond emma ring HOTCROWN
Picking an engagemnet ring can be very ecxiting and emotinal, but it can also be very confusing. What kind of ring will suit me? what king of girl am I? You don't have to just get another classic diamond ring that will look exactly like all your other friends rings. Let us give you a few interesting ideas that might surprise you. Let's think outside the box for a second..
What do you think about a grey diamond? 
grey diamond rose gold engagement ring
Our captivating Emma Ring showcases a stunning contrast of colors. With a gorgeous gray center diamond against the rose or yellow gold, This ring is a new take on the traditional white diamond center stone. The gray diamond is accompanied by two shimmering pear-shaped white diamonds. You will fall in love every time you look at your finger. 
gray diamond emma HOTCROWNgold engagement ring with grey diamond
 White gold Maybe? 
grey diamond white gold
gray diamond engagemnet ring
 Another unique idea is a black diamond! how bold and amazing could that be?
black diamond emma engagement ring
This Version of our Emma ring is absolutely heart stopping. The stunning center black diamond is held by 8 claws in a fabulous color contrast. Here too, it is accompanied by 2 dazzling pear shaped white diamonds. Isn't it like a yummy cocktail of colors in just one ring? 
black diamond gold ring different engagement rings
 Let's look for examples in the fashion world..
You could be a "Jeans and T" kind of girl. She's clean, simple and classic...
cool engagement rings HOTCROWN
unique engagement rings HOTCROWN
 But you can stand out in the crowd and be a "cool power suit" kind of girl. 
unique gold engagement rings
special and different engagement rings
how to pick an engagement ring
 We think you know who YOU WANT to be :) 
Contact us with any questions and we'll be more than happy to assist with making the perfect decision

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