It's gonna be a cozy Valentine's

It's gonna be a cozy Valentine's

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Although Knitting might have been considered as our grandmothers' hobby, sitting on that rocking chair staring into the TV, Let me surprise you- knitting is totally a thing now and expriencing a re-birth. It has become trendy and been seen on fashion week runways, especially the super chunky knits.




We are used to trends moving from runways to the homes, but this one definitely went the other way around. We started seeing it in those chunky knit blankets, rugs and different interior design items, and now it made it's way into fashion with sweaters, hats and scarves keeping you extra cozy. 








Many fashion designers started using this knitting style and are integrating them into their designs. But if you're into knitting or learning how to knit, the chunky knitting is a great way to start a new hobby. It's the most simple knitting technique and all you need are the special huge needles. But if you want to first try it out  you can even use your own hands! 



Did you know knitting actually has health benefits?
-It has the same benefits of meditationOnce you figure out what you’re doing, knitting can be very relaxing. Simple knitting projects are usually the same few stitches over and over, so you can zone out and use your muscle memory to get the job done. The rhythmic, repetitive motion and relaxation has the same benefits to your mind and body as a meditation session, except you get a blanket at the end. 
-It alleviates symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression-  The rhythmic motions and sense of focus can help distract from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Sitting still to knit reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure after a few minutes, so reaching for those knitting needles when you start to feel anxiety build or depression seeping in can help keep those symptoms at bay.



Since Valentine's day is coming up, I thought - how amazing would it be to cuddle under one of those chunky huge blankets? either with your loved one, your pet or just on your own accompanied by a book and some hot cocoa. 

So shall we start knitting?? 





Happy Valentines day from the HOTCROWN KINGDOM.

We hope you celebrate it like a queen ;)



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