Dear Valentine,

The year was 1996.

I was deeply in love with the coolest boy in class. Every night in my bed I was begging for cupid to stick an arrow in his behinds so he'll fall madly in love with me. I spent hours on the phone with my bestie, fantasizing about becoming his girlfriend. I felt like all of the Backstreet Boys songs were about us.  

Well, they weren't. Maybe just 'show me the meaning of being lonely' oh boy was I so lonely.

A week before Valentine's I took up the courage and sent him a love letter. I remember how every day of this week felt like forever to me. Every day I went to school, trying to catch his eye, trying to figure out if he got the letter on not. A day before Valentine's he noticed that I'm staring at him and smiled for a second. My bestie and I were sitting together and she saw how I'm melting in my chair.

On Valentine's Day, the worst thing happened.  As some of you probably guessed- my so-called bestie became his girlfriend during that same day and my heart was broken. I was crushed. I saw them together after school, he gave her a rose as they walked to the bus together. 

It was a very early lesson in love and expectations, and I had the best teacher- life itself.
If not for this lesson I would have missed so many things in my life. I'm thankful for this experience only because I've learned from it.

Well, love at the age of 12 isn't easy. Neither when your 25. But still, it's something we long for and wish to truly have in our lives. So this Valentine's I'm holding a loving husband (that doesn't know any of BSB songs!) but forever Valentine's will be the day where I got my heart broken and I celebrate this lesson every day.

I'm quite sure everyone has this heartbreaking story of their first (or second or third!) love. Don't save it to yourself! Share it with me, I would love to hear what you've learned from it.



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